I woke up then some thing was crawling in my covers I looked in my bed and I saw a baby white rabbet in there with a rat. I jumped out of  the bed with  the  bunny in my hand I told my mum and she told my dad and he tried to get it out  the bed  I helped him then it despaired “were did it go? ‘I shouted I shut the door behind dad and me.  we went in the after dinner and I heard it scuttled around like it was a lion trying to scare its pray.

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  1. Hi Keziah!

    I wonder if the baby white rabbit was afraid of the rat, or that rat was afraid of the rabbit. Rats can be kind of scary looking! What made you combine those two particular animals? What’s your favorite animal, and have you ever written a story about that animal? Your favorite animal could be imaginary…like a dragon or flying horse. 🙂 Thanks for participating in this week’s 100WC. I’m glad you rescued the baby bunny. Is it a black and white spotted bunny? A brown bunny? A purple magical bunny? I want to know more about this bunny. 🙂

    Cheers – Mrs. Rombach, Team 100WC from Virginia, USA

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